Employer:  TS Worldwide LLC (dba: HVS)
Job Title:  Hospitality Market Analyst
Job Site:  140 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 300, Pasadena, CA 91101
Full-Time:  40 hours per week
Job duties:  Collect and analyze relevant data relating to a hotel/hospitality market in areas of property conditions, market dynamics, management, and tourism and visitation trends. Data analytics: Analyze data on hotel performance, value forecast, transactions, existing and new supply, and economic indicators in major U.S. markets. Complete fieldwork for each engagement, followed by an in-depth analysis of market trends, occupancies, and average rates, and the hotel's comparison to the particular market.  Analyze the economic impact of a hotel for feasibility study and conduct special research and analytics requests for hotel feasibility or appraisals. Analyze the hotel's financial statement to determine current and future potential trends of profitability.  Research and analyze comparable sales and cost factors in order to develop the appraisal or consulting assignment. Finalize and complete written documents of analysis and findings and present them to the clients.
Education requirement:  Bachelor's degree in Hotel Administration or Hospitality Management.
Experience required: None.
To apply, send resume to: Attn. Katie Meyer TS Worldwide LLC (dba: HVS) 140 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 300, Pasadena, CA 91101