Joined HVS Executive Search Asia Pacific about 3 years ago. I am sure a lot of people who have a LinkedIn account would have read about what does a headhunter or an Executive headhunter do on a day to day basis which would involve the following more or less the similar set of tasks. But I enjoy it so much because the HVS Executive Search team gives me a wonderful work-life balance and empowerment to do my work the way I want – when I am traveling or in my free time. Below are my everyday tasks to give you an understanding of what I do day in and day out but in a fun way:

  • Email updates, client’s updates, candidates update on the job or different opportunities.
  • Reading different news and articles about Hotel and Travel industry, who is moving where, what hotel or travel companies are expanding, and if I happen to know someone featured in the news, I would congratulate him/her and create an open dialog (for business development for future use)
  • Contact different candidates with updates on their profiles and job applications and simultaneously update our database as well with their status
  • Liaise with both the client side and the candidate side for the interview or offer discussions.
  • Plan for the next travel destination (that’s the fun part). Connect with different hotel executives when you travel and catch up with them while staying at their hotel property or just swing by at their respective offices (which is their hotel).
  • Facilitating an open conversation between different hotels and hospitality executives that are currently seeking new opportunities. Strive to know the push and pull factors for them to make employment related decisions.

Apart from my daily headhunting work, I also focus on getting updates by connecting/re-connecting with different hospitality executives. I understand from them as to how the industry is changing and evolving with the technological changes, coming up of new brands etc. All this information comes in handy while we are preparing our pitch for any new client. It helps to strengthen our business case for retained searches and to engage the client in a meaningful conversation while showcasing our consulting abilities.

To become an executive headhunter is not hard, but to become one of the most trusted hospitality executive headhunters that different hospitality executives turn to for advice, is a tough and rewarding task at the same time.