I was asked to write about a typical week at HVS, but the truth is since I have joined two years ago, nothing has been typical.

I started at HVS two years ago, although my day-to-day responsibilities changed and evolved, I believe it is not easy to define a typical week in a fast pace and dynamic work environment. As most of our tasks are defined by the projects that are undertaken and lasts on average four weeks, it is hard to describe a work routine set in stone.

Considering the number of markets, we cover in each office and the diverse scope of work, working environment is very dynamic. Although there are of course some tasks and processes that are standardized and is part of the routine, majority of the job is shaped by the projects that are undertaken, which also requires individuals to be versatile and flexible.

For me, working in such a dynamic environment while being given the opportunity to be involved in very different type of projects is a great opportunity to have an immense learning, build a solid experience, and by far one of the best parts of being at HVS.

I strongly believe that in order to fit in within the HVS family, below attributes are important to have;

  • Continuous curiosity and willingness to learn more about the industry and keep up with the industry updates;
  • Networking and communication skills as interacting with a lot of different people is one of the core tasks we engage in on a daily basis;
  • Analytical mind with good writing skills.

Overall, I think it is an amazing opportunity to be part of such a well-known international company in its field. Considering the exposure one can get, together with the strong company culture of empowerment, growth and investing in people, I feel very honored and grateful to be part of such a big family.