Life is about pushing your limits and exploring new boundaries, and being a manager in HVS allows me to accomplish just that. Since joining the family since February 2017 as an analyst, I have been able to build numerous relationships, establish new connections, gain invaluable experiences and experience new adventures. The heterogeneity and challenging nature of the consulting works at HVS has also trained my mind to adapt, explore and to think critically. In addition, the managerial position that has been bestowed to me has also opened up opportunities for me to not only look at assignments from a top-down approach, but also impart my knowledge to my peers who have just joined the family.

To summarise, working at HVS is the equivalent of taking a journey and exploring the unknown. The three key factors that an individual would require would be a strong passion, the ability to think analytically, and the willingness to adapt to different scenarios. HVS has also been supportive, allowing me to currently undertake my license in valuation with Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers.

Work at HVS is mainly project-based and could differ from week to week. Generally, a rundown of a typical project in HVS goes like this:

  • Establishing client’s objectives
  • Gathering information
  • Site inspection of Property and competitive set
  • Arrange meetings with relevant authorities or executive committee to gain knowledge
  • Financial analysis
  • Report drafting
  • Garnering client’s feedback and comments
  • Presentation of final report

Being a manager also requires you to have administrative scope that includes the following:

  • Establishing potential client’s connections
  • Managing projects with other working associates, ensuring smooth flow of work
  • Coaching of analysts
  • Publishing market research papers
  • Seeking new assignment opportunities

Working at HVS has trained me to have better planning. As we would usually have more than two projects concurrently, it is important for me to plan my schedule around my travel dates for the various projects. Thereafter, I would have to work towards producing the reports by the respective deadlines. The travel would also benefit me when I produce new market research papers which serve to enlighten our readers on the market dynamics and trends that are currently observed. Time needed to produce these market research papers would also have to be factored into planning of the schedule.

To reiterate, work at HVS can be both fulfilling and challenging. The skillsets that HVS allows you to acquire will benefit you not only in the business aspect, but also in life. Since joining, HVS has also brought me to new destinations including the likes of Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Should you have the passion for hospitality and the dedication to learn, an exciting career at HVS would be the perfect choice for you!