At HVS we’re building a smart, sustainable and strategic future, designed and led by our industry-leading icons and our emerging talent. Everyone at HVS has the option to impart their ideas and opinions into the future of our company.


We actively listen to the Employee feedback and strive to improve on the areas that may need attention. Integration, teamwork, a strong focus on training and development, regular check-ins, and goal-setting are inherent to us.


We are proud to be a diverse, empowering company. Our female leaders are well respected within the industry and are often called upon for their expertise.


HVS is proud of its state-of-the-art technology and its industry-leading hospitality database, built over 30+ years and covering the entire global hospitality market. We will always continue to expand and develop our technology, offering the best support to our clients and our associates.


An incredible array of perks, benefits, and a family-friendly culture across our global teams (we prefer “family”) at HVS. We all want you to succeed, so if you hit a wall, all you have to do is ask. We put our personal health and rest before work in the priority scale, encouraging team members to take breaks to work out, walk, drink water, get plenty of sleep, and take vacations.

Our annual climate survey tells us where we are succeeding and we take the suggestions very seriously be it revamping office areas, updating our internal systems or introducing new teams and technologies.


We care about your success and support your development from the first day you start your career with us. HVS is a global, integrated hospitality consultancy with offices across the globe. We offer internal relocation opportunities as career enhancement to enable a lifelong career at HVS.

We invest in building a "Career for Life" for our employees

  • Comprehensive initial and on-the-job training: Individualized and continuous training program for each associate, developed to coincide with and support training and development needs
  • Immediate responsibility on the project: Work on wide variety of challenging projects. Encouraged to publish articles.
  • Regular client interaction from the outset: Opportunities to work on interesting, high-profile assignments with high-profile clients
  • Using cutting edge technology: State-of-the-art computers, networks, databases, and research capability
  • Extensive travel: One-to-one introduction to fieldwork and learning from experienced and senior level associates
  • Advancement at your own pace: Flexibility to manage work commitments and work timings
  • Career Enhancement: Transfer to other HVS offices across the globe