Our company culture is shaped by the skills and behaviors valued by our people.

The 6 distinctive organizational values we have are:

  1. We believe that people who are passionate about the hospitality industry and make a positive impact will find a lifelong career of opportunities at HVS.
  2. We believe in a friendly, flexible, and flat organization.
  3. We believe in sincere connections and care of our people and their families, clients, and community.
  4. We believe in knowledge development and sharing among our people and the industry.
  5. We believe in efficiency.
  6. We believe in investing heavily in technology to assist in achieving all the above.

Success At HVS Means..

  1. Providing high quality consulting services in a timely manner
  2. Achieving total client satisfaction while maintaining the highest level of integrity
  3. Personal achievement in publishing articles, participation in marketing and sales activities, and continuing personal development
  4. Assisting others within the HVS organization to achieve success
  5. A healthy, integrated work/life balance