Bright, engaged, passionate and professional, our associates have a variety of backgrounds including operations, finance, real estate, and asset management. We prefer to hire individuals with at least two years of full-time work history and who can demonstrate flexibility, focus, and self-motivation.

Our associates tell us they have a clear vision of want to accomplish and are driven to learn the necessary skills to support their dreams, including furthering their education and working toward the next step in their career path.


We hire associates with a Bachelors &/or Masters in Hospitality Management, Finance, Economics, or the equivalent. We look for individuals with strong hotel operational, marketing, financial, or development knowledge, with at least two years continuous experience in an international hotel environment. Our associates must have excellent spoken and written English skills; fluency in another language is a great benefit, but it is not mandatory. We look for high level of numeracy, a passion for analysis, and a deep interest in global and local hotel markets.


The typical career path at HVS begins at Associate (sometimes called ‘Analyst’) level, progressing to Project Manager within 12-18 months. Within three years, you can achieve Senior Project Manager status; it’s at this level that our associates usually identify in which markets or practices they would like to specialize.


  • Providing high-quality consulting services in a timely manner
  • Achieving total client satisfaction while maintaining the highest level of integrity
  • Personal achievement in publishing articles, participation in marketing and sales activities, and continuing personal development
  • Assisting others within the HVS organization to achieve success
  • A healthy, integrated work/life balance