At HVS we’re building a smart, sustainable and strategic future, designed and led by our industry-leading icons and our emerging talent. Everyone at HVS has the option to impart their ideas and opinions into the future of our company.

We Listen.

Integration, teamwork, a strong focus on training and development, regular check-ins, and goal-setting are inherent within our culture. We care about your success and support your development from the first day you start your career with us.

We Invest In Our People

We are proud to be a diverse, empowering company. Our female leaders and board members are well respected within the industry and are often called upon for their expertise. A few examples of their contributions to the industry include: presenting at conferences, adjudicating panels and providing insights to industry publications.

We Invest In Technology

HVS is proud of its state-of-the-art technology and its industry-leading hospitality database, built over 30+ years and covering the entire global hospitality market. We will always continue to expand and develop our technology, offering the best support to our clients and our associates.

We Invest In Our Culture

Our employee climate surveys tell us where we are succeeding (benefits, perks, flexibility, travel, education, training and development, etc.), and we actively listen to feedback and strive to improve on areas that may need attention. We have rolled out new technology hardware, revamped desk and office areas, built rest-and-relaxation zones, consistently improved and updated our databases and matrix programs to run faster to improve efficiency, and hired new software developers to keep us ahead of our competitors and at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry.

We Invest In Your Opportunities

HVS is a global, integrated hospitality consultancy with offices in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We can offer internal relocations throughout the USA so that associates can be based in the market of their choice (subject to an initial training period). Associates who have been with us for 2+ years can elect to transfer to an overseas office.

With our personalized training and development programs, clear promotion structure, and the opportunity to earn a competitive salary, yearly bonuses, and a generous commission structure, you can build a lifelong career with HVS. Add to that an incredible array of perks, benefits, and a family-friendly culture, HVS is the right move for anyone who would like to build their career in the hospitality consulting industry.

For more information on the specific locations and contact details of our offices, follow this link:

Workshop at the bi-annual HVS Global Summit, Dubai 2015