At HVS, you are on wheels!

It’s been an exciting first year at HVS India. I have travelled extensively covering both key and emerging hotel markets. The first year at HVS is a whirlpool, where one gets sucked into a deep knowledge pool. Of course, one gets a lot of help in treading the waters and learning to float. One of my earliest experiences at HVS was holding the stage at the prestigious HICSA Conference in Mumbai. I recollect the immense amount of confidence which the senior management gave me during that time, giving me a great start at HVS.

I began my career in hotel operations as a management trainee with Taj Hotels, and went on to work in Food and Beverage. Post that, graduating from a business school and a brief entrepreneurial stint, I was looking for a job which would help utilize my education and the skill-sets I had gained during college and would be in line with my experience in hospitality. A consultancy role with HVS fitted the bill perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. With just a year in the dynamic work environment at HVS, I have been given ample space to explore and express my potential. Apart from consulting and research assignments, I have been fortunate to have two research reports to my name. The company is very entrepreneurial and my year at HVS has seen me shift roles—from a consultant to a conference organizer to business development manager to even an EMCEE!

For candidate’s who are looking for a career with HVS, one should come with an open mind to embrace the culture of HVS - an experience which I am sure we all value. There are opportunities to learn and expand one’s knowledge base and skill-set, to travel, meet new people and more importantly forge relationships. Needless to say one needs to be passionate about the hospitality industry and should have an insatiable thirst for knowing what’s making news, where the industry is headed and exactly what the big fish are doing. Good written and oral communication skills, an eye for detail and a sharp analytical mind to decipher trends and offer insights into numbers is something which will help one excel at HVS.

Being a part of and playing my part in the exciting times of the company has been enjoyable and challenging. Having grown as a professional, built relationships, learnt from mistakes and enjoyed the successes of my team—all in a year, I am looking forward to what the next year at HVS India has to offer.

Bhoomija Vadehra