Frequently Asked Questions

In conducting interviews for our offices around the globe, we have been impressed with how many applicants have come prepared for their interviews. In particular, many have read a previous article that we co-wrote regarding the questions all candidates should ask potential employers. The purpose of these questions is to help applicants determine if the company is a match for them. To help you determine if HVS is the right company for you, we have responded to the five most frequently asked questions:

1. How does HVS collect and respond to employee feedback?
  • Climate Surveys: Each HVSer is invited to complete the annual Climate Survey, to give us their thoughts and opinions on life as an HVS employee. We aim to actively implement the collective suggestions we receive from our employees.
  • Global Business Teams: these internal teams are made up of employees from different offices around the globe, plus a member of our Board of Directors. The teams are created based on the needs of the firm (many of these needs are collected through the feedback we receive from the Climate Survey). Examples of past and present GBT’s include Marketing, Information Technology, Eco and Social Responsibility and Data Management. Each team works on specific projects over a two year period, whereupon the teams are dissolved and new GBTs are created.
2. What opportunities are there for development?

We are always looking to develop new services or new offices around the globe. As a company we are people-focused in that we find the right person then the right opportunity for them, versus the more common approach of identifying an opportunity and then looking for the right person.

  • Partnership Track: Employees who are interested in opening a new office or service, or taking over a current office, join the Partnership Track program. This is a tailor made plan which helps prepare them for their ultimate goal. Partnership Track candidates are mentored by their Managing Director as well as the Founder and President HVS, Steve Rushmore and Stephen Rushmore Jr., respectively.
  • Professional Development Series: All employees are invited and encouraged to participate in our Professional Development series, in which employees share areas of expertise through webinars. Employees can participate as a presenter or attendee and the topics range from industry trends, technical skills, soft skills, introductions to our different services and general hospitality knowledge. At HVS we have the benefit of working with some of the industry’s experts, and through the Professional Development series you can learn from the masters themselves as you become an expert yourself.
  • Certification Courses: Many offices support Appraisal Institute or RICS sponsored courses. Employees can also attend relevant courses at local universities as part of their professional certification, and are often sponsored by HVS.
3. How does HVS reward talent?
  • Personal Branding: Employees are encouraged to engage in the following activities to establish themselves as experts:
    • Write industry-relevant articles
    • Participate in the Professional Development Series
    • Join a Global Business Team
    • Speak at conferences
  • Pay-for-Performance: Compensation is another way that we reward talent. The majority of our offices follow a pay-for-performance compensation structure so that employees are directly rewarded for the amount of work that they do.
  • Promotions: Each office handles promotions slightly differently, but quite a few of the offices have a self-motivated promotion process. This means that the requirements for each promotional level are presented to the employee and once they have completed all the requirements, they are promoted. For example, it may be required that an employee write a certain number of articles and pass Appraisal Institute courses in order to be promoted to the next level. Each promotion correlates with an increased percentage for the pay-for-performance compensation.